iTroll G2 in base (no software upgrades) configuration:

All Models except for Suzuki 9.9 / 15/ 20 HP Tiller: $345.00


Above prices includes ONE fit kit to mount servo motor to power head of boat motor.


Accessories available at additional cost.

NOTICE: At the present time, iTroll products can only be ordered online if shipped to USA or Canada.

Please email for international ordering information.


This page allows you to build and purchase an iTroll system for your boat.

If purchasing multiple iTroll systems for more than one boat, it is easiest to build one system at a time.

At a minimum, an "iTroll System" consists of:

  - ONE Electronics Package (Step 1 below).

  - ONE "Fit Kit" that contains servo motor and hardware to allow iTroll to operate motor's throttle
(Step 2 below).

  - Optional Software Upgrade and accessories.

Troll Precision Speed Controller- All Models but Suzuki 9.9/ 15/ 20

  • Call us for Manufacturers Warranty information.

  • We offer free shipping within the Domestic United States.

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